A Few Typical Applications

Automotive motor oils and additives    -    Molybdenum disulphide, hexagonal boron nitride and PTFE dispersions in mineral and synthetic oils.

Aerosol concentrates                               -    Molybdenum disulphide, hexagonal boron nitride, graphite, copper paste and PTFE dispersions in oil and organic solvents

Anode stub coatings                                -    Conductive graphite dispersions to improve electrical efficiency and aid release of spent carbon anodes in primary aluminium smelters.

Functional fabrics                                    -    Lubricating, thermally and  electrically conductive graphite dispersions to impregnate fabrics.

Gasket coatings                                        -    Lubricating non-stick coatings for gaskets to permit limited creep and easy disassembly.

Soft (gland) packing                                -    Molybdenum disulphide, hexagonal boron nitride, graphite and PTFE dispersions to impregnate packings to increase their working life.

Welding                                                    -    Water  and solvent based h Boron nitride coatings to protect welding consumables from molten metal (weld spatter)

Aluminium casting                                 -    Non stick coatings based on h Boron Nitride to prevent molten aluminium sticking to production equipment (ladles) 

Reaction bonded silicon carbide           -    High purity graphite dispersions as a source of carbon. Uniform carbon distribution produces  a better green paste.

Drilling fluids                                           -    Graphite powders and dispersions for inclusion into drilling fluids (muds)

Chain Lubrication                                   -    Formulated to operate under extreme conditions for extended periods. (hot, cold, wet, fast, slow etc.)

Assembly lubricants                               -    Dry film lubricants and pastes to give better torque to tension ratio with fasteners and easy assembly and dismantling.

Bearing lubricants                                   -    Fluid and dry film lubricants for all bearing types operation  from the normal to the extremes in temperature.

Cement kiln slippers                               -    Graphite dispersions which penetrate to provide control slip between the inner and outer shell.

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