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The pro series of welding coatings has been developed to help the professional welder achieve maximum production and economy.

By protecting the consumables, the work piece and the surrounding area with technically advanced coatings, cleaning time is greatly reduced and consumables last longer.




MigMagPro protects welding equipment and consumables from damage caused by weld spatter.

 An exceptionally fast drying, long lasting and durable ceramic coating formulated to withstand the rigors of the professional welding environment.

 Packed in 400ml aerosols

FixFitPro protects the surrounding work area from weld spatter adhesion.

This water based, long life ceramic coating reduces clean up time and effort in addition to protecting fixtures and fittings from damage.

 Packed in 500 ml containers for brush or spray application

SPro protects the work piece from damage caused by weld spatter.

 Water based heat resistant barrier fluid for the professional welding engineer.

Economical and environmentally friendly.

  Packed in 400ml aerosols


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